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Outfit your deck for year-round living

Posted on Friday June 15, 2012
As most of us know these days, from scanning a few magazines, outdoor furniture looks as good as, or even better than, the stuff we have indoors. As many of us are finding out, it has become affordable too. Read more »

Puddles in the yard, start worrying

Posted on Monday April 23, 2012
If you are shopping for a new home in the spring, watch for puddles in the yard. Silly advice when all you are interested in is the inside of the house? Not if you know how much it costs to regrade a property or repair a flooded basement. Read more »

Tilling soil

Posted on Saturday April 21, 2012
Spring is, as everyone knows, the time to prepare the garden. One of the first jobs in this preparation is the tilling of the soil. Read more »