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Home & Garden Lighting

Lighting plan is essential

Posted on Friday June 15, 2012
Lighting is essential to good interior design but it is often overlooked by householders who do their own decorating. Read more »

Built-ins are back

Posted on Friday May 4, 2012
At one time, skilled carpenters created masterpieces in better homes; built-ins that graced the best home libraries and studies or the most comfortable and commodious of bedrooms. Well, built-ins are back. Read more »

Renovation Tips: choose the right fixtures

Posted on Saturday April 14, 2012
If you are renovating a bathroom or kitchen or even a closet, you will need fixtures that fit the space and that will be as efficient as possible in the operation of the whole house. Read more »

A nice shade of DIY green

Posted on Saturday April 14, 2012
There is a belief that green costs more but this is no longer the case. Read more »

Let’s go gardening: 1, 3, 5 …

Posted on Tuesday March 27, 2012
If you can’t see the connection between arithmetic and gardening, take a close look at a good-looking garden and compare it with one that is boring and somehow unnatural. Read more »